CAMX Award | FibreCoat

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, October 18 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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Location: CAMX Awards Pavilion

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Title: CAMX Award | FibreCoat


Unsurpassed Innovation Award 

Company: FibreCoat

Description:  The CAMX Award winners will be announced during Tuesday's General Session and will present in the theater at 12 pm. All entries will be on display throughout the week in the CAMX Awards Pavilion in the exhibit hallFibreCoat develops and markets high-performance fibre materials. The aluminum basalt fiber "AluCoat" is the first market-ready product.  Unlike currently used conductive polymer yarns, AluCoat is thermally and electrically conductive as well as temperature resistant up to 600°C. Compared to pure aluminum fibers, AluCoat can be produced at one-tenth the cost. As a result, the material has the potential to become the much-needed, affordable shielding material for the electromagnetic shielding of electric cars and 5G devices of the future. Until now, FRP components have only been used in high-end products. 

Collaboration and Partnerships: We produce our fibres with DBF which is a basalt fibre manufacturor in Eastern Germany. Here we rent spinning lines on which we produce our Fibres.

Concept and Design: The design of our coating device makes is a modulair solution which can be implemented on existing inorganic spinning lines around the world. Our coating devices allows us to coat fibres with aluminium in line, following the speed of the spinning line. Compared to full metal fibres that produce at 5m per minute we can produce up to 1500m per minute.   This technique makes our product more sustainable then the current solutions. We can produce locally and require ten times less energy compared to full metal fibres from our competitors. Additionally the recycling of our fibres can be done in exactly the same way as aluminium is extraced from nature, by melting our composite fibre the aluminium and basalt will seperate and an be reused. resulting in Aluminium and Basalt, there are no other added materials.   The creation of this product came due to the COVID 19 crisis. There were delivery problems for our Polymer coating project, this made us experiment with metal coatings, resulting in AluCoat. We quickly realised the potential market of this product and started to increase our Research and Development resulting in the finished product we have today. Just in time for the increasing demand of EM shielding in today´s connected world.

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Type: CAMX Awards


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