CAMX Award | Automating the Design & Manufacture of Composite Tooling Using AI

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, October 18 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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Location: CAMX Awards Pavilion

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Title: CAMX Award | Automating the Design & Manufacture of Composite Tooling Using AI


Combined Strength Award 

Company: Plyable 

Description: The CAMX Award winners will be announced during Tuesday's General Session and will present in the theater at 12 pm. All entries will be on display throughout the week in the CAMX Awards Pavilion in the exhibit hallPlyable is a first-of-its-kind solution. We have used the latest in AI and machine-learning technology to create a proprietary software that automates the design and manufacture of composite tooling.  All the user needs to do is drag and drop component CAD data into Plyable.  We are then able to automatically generate a tool design and provide instantaneous prices for manufacture in a variety of different materials. Our technology has taken what used to be a multi week process and condensed it down to minutes.  We remove barriers. We enable innovation.  We make bringing a composite solution to life 10x easier.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Collaboration is a cornerstone of our product.   There are more machine shops in the US than there are Starbucks.  It is our goal to make each one and everyone as efficient as they can possibly be.   This will drive benefits to owners and employees but also to the entire composites industry.  We are leveraging our distributed manufacturing network to deliver superior results in three key ways; speed, quality and cost effectiveness.   We improve efficiency on both sides (supply & demand) enabling lower costs and faster lead times while maintaining quality.  In less than 4 years we have created a vast global network of world class tooling suppliers able to deliver composite tooling solutions up to 45metres in length. We have over 1500 5-axis CNC machines and are becoming a key revenue stream for our supplier network as well as providing unparalleled response times, quality and cost benefits to our customer base.  To match more competitive and efficient industries, the manufacturing community must invest in software-driven solutions that reconfigure the manufacturing process from start-to-finish in order to give time back to hardware design and production teams.  With Plyable, this is beginning to take shape in two key areas but there is an opportunity to accelerate these early advances; Automation: Machine-learning algorithms that can automate processes such as Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback and quoting. Removing the manual interchange for each of these processes can shave days or weeks from typical manufacturing time-lines.  Vendor Management: Virtual manufacturing networks are scaling internationally, with support for both local and global vendors across a wide range of production capabilities. These intelligent systems offer real time views into manufacturer capacity and quality to ensure high quality parts are delivered on time.

Concept and Design: Composites manufacturing innovate daily — drones, autonomous vehicles, even rockets! These offer illusions of next-generation manufacturing but the truth is different.   While modern processes like 3-D printing have enabled rapid-prototyping and spurred innovation, the real business of manufacturing relies on decades-old spreadsheets, phone calls and hand wringing.  Like financial services, retail, travel and countless other industries, manufacturing needs its tech moment.  Plyable is automating composite manufacturing by dealing with barriers at the beginning of production.  1. All composite parts are manufactured using tooling, and creating the mold hardware today is time consuming and expensive.  2. This friction constrains the development process, leading to suboptimal products and high-barriers for anyone with a new idea.  3. Plyable has developed automated, smarter design tools and our production processes enable more people to invent.  4. We’re building a world where composites innovation is radically accelerated and everyone has the power to create and improve.  The user uploads their component CAD. Our machine learning algorithm automatically interrogates the design, identifies optimal pull directions, creating split lines etc.  Plyable then automatically generates a tool design and provides instantaneous prices for manufacture in a variety of materials. Our technology has made a multi-week process take only minutes.

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Type: CAMX Awards


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