CAMX Award | Touch Sensity Develops the Sensity Tech Technology Making Materials Sensitive to Mechanical Physcial Interactions, in Real Time, Without Any Sensors

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, October 18 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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Location: CAMX Awards Pavilion

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Combined Strength Award 

Company: Touch Sensity

Description:  The CAMX Award winners will be announced during Tuesday's General Session and will present in the theater at 12 pm. All entries will be on display throughout the week in the CAMX Awards Pavilion in the exhibit hallThe Sensity Tech technology allows to recover all the data from pressure, traction, deformation and internal damage suffered by a structure during its exploitation, having access to data remotely and without using any sensors.   Indeed combining materials expertise with electronics, artificial intelligence and mathematics skills, Touch Sensity has developed a complete data acquisition, processing and analysis system, able to detect, measure and locate interactions.    The technology then meet needs in structural health monitoring for composite materials, and in human machine interaction, having already led to a collaboration with Ariane Group, SNCF, Naval Group, Valeo and Airbus Development on these topics. 

Collaboration and Partnerships: Touch Sensity represents several skills: - Adaptation of the material to the capture surface; - Development of electronics and embedded system; - Association of extracted data with the environment; - Assessments of the characteristics and condition of materials according to the needs of the context; - Implementation of technology and choice of different resolutions adapted to the context;  In addition, the company is surrounded by academic and industrial partners who contribute to the development of the technology :  - ElorPrintTec / LCPO, Organic Polymer Chemistry Laboratory: Allow access to equipment and the clean room (room equipped to limit foreign particles in the air) so that Touch Sensity can work on improving the proprietary polymer.  - Rescoll is a research company specialized in certified coatings and paints mainly in the field of Aeronautics. Several prototypes of sensitive and connected coatings have emerged thanks to Touch Sensity's collaboration with Rescoll.  - PolymerExpert is a research company, this partnership revolves around a service contract for the development of a coating compatible with the technology. In a second step, this partnership will also make it possible to adapt the polymer obtained or formulated into a paint that can be used by manufacturers while respecting their production processes (mode of deposition, solvents, etc.).  - I2M, the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering: This partnership will aim to enable the characterization of materials thanks to the available infrastructures.  - Canoe Platform is a technical center in composite materials. A collaboration has been set up around fiberglass and carbon composite materials, with integration of the Sensity Tech technology.  These collaborations will allow to better control costs, to engage in research actions to innovate, to develop the marketing of products and services, to access uncontrolled technical expertise, to demonstrate flexibility to meet customer needs, and to conquer new international markets. The goal is to turn constraints into successes. 

Concept and Design: The Sensity Tech is a continuation of the research work carried out by Anna Pugach at the University of Cergy-Pontoise on a robot artificial skin development, and at Inria Bordeaux on a connected garment development measuring joint angles for a musculoskeletal disorders prevention. Following scientific conferences, many industrials in composite fields showed interest in the technology, mainly applicable for predictive maintenance challenges.  The Sensity Tech uses an embedded system connected on the material periphery thanks to connectors with the aim to send a signal inside it, and recover it before transmitting the datas to the processing system according several methods (wires, wifi, ...). An intelligence inside the embedded system, pre-process the signal obtained and reduce the calculation required by the processing system. Once datas obtained, mathematics models or artificial intelligence allow to analyse it and to realize a 2D/3D mapping to highlight the part surface and volume damages.   Touch Sensity develops two different ways to integrate the technology to the material :   - TS COMPO solution for carbon composite materials : This solution uses the material directly as a sensor. The embedded system is connected to the periphery of the material by contact points. It allows to scan the inner structure of the material (volume data gathering), and hence detect pressure, deformation such as bending, delamination, fiber breaks, wear, etc. of the material itself. - TS PATCH solution, a sensitive coating : In order to fit industrials needs meanwhile controlling their difficulties, Touch Sensity develops a sensitive coating solution. The embedded system is connected to the coating periphery, becoming the capture surface. The coating can be either an adhesive film or paint applied on the surface of the material or underneath. It allows to acquire data from physical interactions with the surface of the material  (eg : pressure, deformation, impacts, cracks, holes...).  

Additional Information: The Sensity Tech technology uses an embedded system directly connected to the structure periphery, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms or mathematical models allowing to detect an interaction, characterize it, measure its intensity, locate it as a 2D or 3D mapping, and control external systems using feedbacks in order to alert the technical team when a damage severity threshold is reached on the composite structure.  The technology detecting internal damages as delamination and fiber breaks, allows Structural Health Monitoring of any composite structure. It is therefore possible to intervene on three levels of a structure life, using the TS COMPO solution described before :  - On instrumented tests bench : digital twin realization for data enhancement while the structure is under mechanical stress,  - Non destructive test on production line : in order to certify the integrity of the structure after its manufacturing, - Doing predictive maintenance during the part exploitation, in real environment. Detecting and locating all impacts, delaminations, fiber breaks and deformation suffered by the structure, having access to all the datas in real time and remotely.  It is thus possible to detect, monitor and locate all interactions on planes, rockets, trains, cars, boats, wind turbine blade, helicopters blades, tanks.  Several proofs of concept have been realized by Touch Sensity on composite part, highlighting the following characteristics compared with current technologies as optical fiber, infrared or sound waves :  - Shocks, impacts and cracks : location and modeling of single/multiple impacts and cracks made on the material, in real time ; - Bending-type deformations : modeling of deformations with measurement of the angle. The margin of error in angle measurement is less than 10% compared to strain gauges ; - Damage such as delamination or fiber break : characterization and location of delaminated areas induced by an impact with intensity identification. The analysis is made both on surface and volume. The damage caused on the composite material is identified, located and modeled using a 2D representation with a color scale.  Some photos of proofs of concept results as impacts reconstruction made on fiberglass and carbon composite parts, and a coating photo, are provided in this entry.  

Title: CAMX Award | Touch Sensity Develops the Sensity Tech Technology Making Materials Sensitive to Mechanical Physcial Interactions, in Real Time, Without Any Sensors

Type: CAMX Awards


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