ACE Award | Recycled Fiberglass Textile Yarn for Filament Winding of Launch Vehicle

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, October 18 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Location: ACE Pavilion

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Title: ACE Award | Recycled Fiberglass Textile Yarn for Filament Winding of Launch Vehicle


Market Growth: Composites Sustainability

Company: TPI Composites, Inc.

Description: The yarn used to filament wind the rocket is made of co-mingled recycled fiberglass and acrylic fibers.  These fibers were mixed, carded, and spun in a traditional spinning wheel to produce the yarn. The use of the recycled fibers demonstrates an ability to take discontinuous recycled fiberglass and produce a continuous product fit for standardized manufacturing processes. This material is set to replace virgin tows in pipes, tubes, tanks, and other processes that uses fiberglass in this form.  Using this recycled material in end use applications closes the sustainability life cycle loop, resulting in more sustainable manufacturing for customers. 

Type of Organization: Product Manufacturer

Product Function: a) The end use of this product is for any fiberglass-based manufacturing where the recycled glass yarns from end-of-life composites replace virgin fiberglass tows, especially in textile-based manufacturing processes. Acceptable material performance may be achieved to service infrastructure, storage tanks, thermal and electrical insulating materials as well as a number of industrial and consumer applications.   b) The product will be a drop-in replacement for composite and textile processes where standard glass rovings may find use including filament winding, pultrusion, and converted textile and broad good reinforcement forms.  c.) The advantages of using this material include utilization of recycled input materials, providing a sustainable life cycle for the produced composite. Further, the produced composite is able to be recycled again reducing waste and allowing the material to be processed through multiple life cycles. 

Resin Type: Thermoset, Epoxy

Type: ACE Awards


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